It’s the changing of the seasons.

As we enter Autumn and into the end of the first quarter of 2021, we begin some major transitions.

From feeling uncertain to feeling hopeful with the upcoming vaccination roll out; from suspended economic activities to slow resumption; feeling unsure to gaining some direction and hope for the future.
The start of Autumn also flags a period of financial normality.
With summer over, we should start to be tracking well against the goals we have set ourselves over the year.
Overall, these transitions are welcome. But they are coupled with crucial questions.
How will Australians respond to the effect of the vaccines? How will the markets respond? How will our economy fare in the second quarter? When will we be able to travel overseas again? And what will our lives look like in the future?
Speaking of travel, the Australian High Court will begin hearing a case challenging the Morrison government’s international travel ban. Right-wing thinktank LibertyWorks argues the federal government has no legal power to stop citizens from leaving the country.
With the travel ban recently extended from March to June this year, most Australians will have endured at least 15 months without overseas travel if the ban does end in June.
Let’s keep dreaming of overseas travel for a little while longer!

The team at Make Work Optional wish you a lovely start to Autumn!

We are not quite ready to get our jumpers out of storage just yet!

Property values soar.

Property values across the country are rising and they’re doing so at a fast pace. The surge in February is considered the fastest in 17 years. What’s going on, and which capital cities are experiencing the most significant upswing?

Super contribution caps to increase in july.

Contribution caps, or the amount of super you can put away each year, is set to increase from July 1 with a 10% increase to what you can contribute. Whilst this increase may not seem like a lot, it can significantly impact your retirementt.

Bull stock market again?

Stock market returns in 2020 eerily resembled the trend in 2009. In what may become the second year of a bull market, where can investors look for returns, amid the appearance of historically high valuations?

From spending to saving spree.

Australians are apparently on a saving spree due to COVID-19 and for good reason: the feeling of uncertainty is still in the air. But what about those whose livelihood took a hit? What brought about this increase in median savings balances?

How to spot fake news.

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey argued that social media platforms weren’t supposed to be arbiters of the truth? The internet went to a frenzy, and until now, fake news is still…fake.

The autumn debate.

Is it autumn already? Apparently not. This not-so-scientific article explains why the cooler weather won’t start for a few weeks yet.

The MWO life.


I am always looking for new ideas to add to my list, and hopefully, your ideas no matter how small or large will help/inspire someone to do something new this month themselves. Given COVID restrictions have eased, this will help open up the opportunities that we can explore locally.

I was able to convince my 13-year-old son Jordan to join me on a trek to the Mount Kosciuszko Summit at sunset which was magical, well it was when I forgot about all the pain I was feeling from the trek to get there. But at that moment, it was amazing.

All up a 22.6 km with a full backpack (thankfully got lighter as the day went on). It was a long day/night but it was well worth it, from a pleasant 36 degrees to 4 degrees at night we had it all.

Thought to live by.


Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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