Volume I. Issue 1. January 2021.


You may remember the months of 2020 as January, February, March, Lockdown, and December.”

Funny as it is, it pays homage to the blur that was 2020 and also hints at the notion that the new year will be more memorable! Well, that new year is here now, and it’s time for us to set our goals, to create a roadmap of success, to make memories along the way, and to build connections with the people in our lives.

The new year provides us with an opportunity to reflect, reassess, recalibrate, and reposition so that we can find our way back to the road we were walking on before COVID-19 caused us to take a different route.

In the process of pursuing our big goals this year, I’d like to share one thing that I have learned in the previous months. That is to enjoy the little things.

Often, we get so engrossed with doing what we’re doing that we forget to take a breath and to enjoy the view. COVID-19 taught us that things can happen rather unexpectedly, and we may not be able to live the way we used to. If we take time to pause and really look around, there is often a lot to be grateful for.

With that, the team at Make Work Optional wishes you a fantastic 2021.
May you achieve all of your goals and remember: enjoy the little things.

Happy New Year!

10 tips for your 2021 resolutions.

The bets are on the moment you finish that new year’s resolution of yours: will you honour it or set it aside in favour of things that do not require that much commitment? Research says that by March, you would have abandoned your resolve. Prove yourself – and everyone else – wrong. Hold on to your list and heed these 10 ways to keep your resolution. Or at least try.

2021 investing takeaways: pillars for 2021.

The previous year has been challenging in many ways. Investors and consumers alike see an uncertain time looming before them. Then again, there’s a silver lining through everything that’s going on. There are signs that the market will heal itself. So if you want to be ready to take it on when the time comes, then you need to keep these six takeaways in mind for 2021.

Remote work;
lifestyle upgrades

The pandemic has effectively kept people within the confines of their own dwelling. But some people, especially those who are renting, started to see the benefit of moving away from the busyness of urban life – even if it’s temporary. Does this signify a soon-to-be population movement to the city outskirts and to the rural areas? What other indications are there?

The US $900bn relief package: an economic saviour?

The US Congress recently approved a $900bn stimulus package – one of the largest in US history. The bill aims to help families and businesses facing pandemic distress. But that’s not all. As soon as it was approved, those with keen eyes have started to raise their eyebrows over alleged obscure provisions in the 5,593-page document that’s supposed to save the country’s fragile economy.

COVID-19 in 2020: a precursor to tech M&A?

For most businesses around the world, 2020 was a year of difficulties, lost business, and economic hardship. For the tech industry, it was a boon, prompted by demand and utility from people who were stuck at home. It was an opportunity to deliver – and a perfect time to also look towards establishing market dominance through mergers and acquisitions. Check this infographic.

The quest for wellness: what’s coming in 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic has placed the health and wellness industry at the centre stage once again. The already $4.5 trillion industry is poised to experience yet another next-level growth as people seek to protect themselves from COVID-19 and stay in shape. This pursuit, combined with holistic health, is projected to set a global trend.

Living long:
what’s the secret?

People who wish to live long may consider Dexter Kruger not only a legend but one who possesses the holy grail of longevity. After all, the oldest Australian has just celebrated his 111th birthday. But is there really a secret to living beyond a hundred years? Mr Kruger shares what he knows and some realistic pieces of advice about life and living. Don’t miss this.

The MWO life.

Surfing at mona vale beach

There are so many things to do in this Lucky Country. Yet we often look further afield to find experiences when in reality there is so much we haven’t done or seen in our own backyard that we can do more often and doesn’t break the bank.

Over at Mona Value Beach, last month attending a Christmas Party, and thought I might have to go actually surfing while I am there. I figured that since I can water ski that it would be easy, but boy was I wrong. I am told now that I didn’t align the surfing time with a Low Tide.

Oh well, maybe next time.

Thought to live by.


Enjoy the little things in life.
For one day,
you may look back and realize
they were the big things.

Robert Bault

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