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As we inch closer to the end of winter, many parts of Australia are once again in lockdown. With the pandemic continuing to cause disruption all over the world, we can only hope that an 80% vaccinated population will allow an easing of restrictions and a return to a degree of normality for us all.

Thankfully, we have the Olympics to keep us busy with something to watch daily. Whether you’re into swimming or table tennis, have you ever wondered how Australian Olympians earn their way to Tokyo?

We’ve all been wondering, what does the current COVID situation mean for house prices? For those looking to buy or sell in this climate, CoreLogic believes that house prices are likely to taper off through the second half of 2021 and into 2022.

With August in full swing, many of us are starting to think about submitting our personal tax returns. Check out the below article for tips on how to maximise your refund and reduce your tax liability.

COVID-19 and RBA Faceoff

COVID-19 has caused global economic disruption. In Australia, it caused intermittent lockdowns that affected all economic activity and heightened unemployment. Despite all of these factors, the RBA is holding on to its monetary policy. But why?


Tax Tips from CPA Australia

The rule with taxes is simple: maximise your tax refund and minimise your tax liability. How exactly? CPA Australia offers some tips which covers lodging, business ownership, income reporting, claiming expenses, tax offsets, and superannuation.

Small Ways to Become Richer in Retirement

Your golden years are supposed to be a time to enjoy watching sunsets, strolling, getting involved in the community, advocating for a cause – the good stuff. But often, financial woes come into play. See the simple changes you can make to make now to ensure you are more comfortable in retirement.


Disaster Payments Now Tax-Free

After the Treasury, ATO, and Services Australia publicly noted that COVID-19 disaster payments are taxable, the Prime Minister announces that they are not. As this story develops, experts have noted how a tax-free disaster payment is beneficial to taxpayers but confusing to accountants.

Australian Economic Recovery

Over the June quarter, the world economy continued its uneven recovery – particularly as less-developed nations struggled with coronavirus. But in Australia, the economic recovery continued, with share investments delivering positive results. How did this happen?


All That Glitters…

The chance to stand before an international podium of elite athletes; the fame and dazzle offered by the spotlight; the glory that comes with winning. That’s what we know about our athletes. But there’s more to their journey before they can earn a spot in the Olympics.



Having seen the local Frost & Fire event advertised in the past and not been able to attend it was nice to be able to make our way down and enjoy the atmosphere. Listen to some live music, enjoy some great food and drinks and catch up with some family and friends I hadn’t seen in a while around the fire. When was the last time you were able to do something like this? I will definitely have to add more camp ovens to the shopping list.

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Thought to live by.


The person who doesn’t know where his next dollar is coming from usually doesn’t know where his last dollar went.


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