A newly married couple joyfully welcomed their first child into their family. Recognising the risks and responsibilities associated with children, they wanted to be positive they were protected and met with Shaun at Make Work Optional to discuss various insurance options. Shaun presented basic fundamentals of risk management and cautioned them that without proper insurance coverage, their savings, home, and future income could be in danger.



The meeting was very productive. Shaun reviewed short and long-term disability provided by the couple’s superannuation fund to be certain coverage was sufficient, the definition of disability appropriate, and the insurer an A+ rated company. They stressed the importance of proper coverage to protect them if a long-term disability occurred, which may be financially devastating without ample coverage.

Next, Shaun completed a needs analysis to determine life insurance requirements. He suggested the necessary amount and type of insurance and compared different investment-grade companies by price and benefit. He reviewed and coordinated group life insurance benefits with their personal policies and recommended designated beneficiaries.

Working in concert with a general insurance agent, they were able to analyse the car and homeowner’s policies to discern the extent of coverage, the existence of replacement cost, and riders to be sure they were not paying too much.